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We are not a recruiting agency that makes a commission off your hire or a jobs board that awards the lowest bidder. We are a community of forward-thinking professionals seeking to advance the design industry.

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Design Industry Focus

Skwerl was developed by a team of architects who understand first hand the challenges facing industry professionals at all levels. We are dedicated to individual and firm growth.

Partnered Production

We have partnered with architecture and interior design firms to streamline the production of top quality work. Through our highly curated network of talent, Skwerl coordinates production efforts.

Free Access

Your success is our success, so we want to make it as easy as possible to work when you want. With Skwerl, you will never have to pay, just do great work and the opportunities will be there.



Skwerl’s proprietary methodology for awarding contracts to freelancers is based solely on freelancer’s qualifications, previous work ratings, and availability. This is highly advantageous to many industry professionals who unfortunately find that gender, race, religion, or other irrelevant factors often bias work opportunities.

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Diverse project types

Don’t be limit yourself to just one type of project, or one office’s way of doing work. With Skwerl, sample work from all facets of the design industry.

Get paid with peace of mind

Skwerl makes it easy for you to start making money and never worry about billing or tracking late payments.

Work when it works for you

Each task has milestone & final deliverable deadlines. Beyond that, you are responsible for how and when you get the work complete.

Use skills you already have

No need to master new softwares or learn new technical knowledge.  Skwerl can match you with the right tasks catered to your abilities.

Geographic Freedom

Don't be limited by your local economics.  Skwerl gives you access to a nationwide market of available contracts so you'll always have access to well paying tasks.

Merit-Based Contracts

Skwerl awards contracts based solely on freelancer’s qualifications, previous work ratings, and availability. No gender, religious, or ethnic bias.

Ready to join the team?


Getting started with Skwerl couldn’t be easier. Due to high-demand and rigorous screening to ensure quality candidates, the first step towards working with Skwerl is completing the New Skwerl Checklist. The checklist is used to better inform the Skwerl team about your experience and background. Look forward to redefining the architecture industry together!

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